Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day! We Love Apps!

We launched the Valentine's Day app challenge with the hope of building an app to help you plan or experience a great Valentine's Day.  The participants at CloudSpokes took it a step further and the top three submissions all decided they'd help you find a date!

The third place app was created by aslambari and it is a chat application running on top of Salesforce Sites.  You can imagine in the future a chat room for single developers to chat and meet hosted on Salesforce.

Both the first and second place app, took it a step further and integrated with Twilio.  Kenji776 beat out PaulKolbovich for the first place by adding in several additional features like profiles and geolocation.  With PaulKolbovich's Google App Engine app, you can send anonymous SMS messages using Twilio to someone you are interested in and if they are interested they can contact you back making an instant match.

Kenji776's app was built on Salesforce and integrates with Twilio and location based services.  The system will create a phone call between two interested parties without requiring the participants to share their phone numbers.  You can watch a video for his application here:

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