Thursday, February 9, 2012

Visualize Salesforce Data Dynamically with Google Maps and jQuery

Our Salesforce Mashup with jQuery & Google Maps challenge delivered some sweet applications! The rather complex requirements were to develop an interactive map representing global sales from Salesforce using Google Maps similar to this one.

Everyone jumped in with some jQuery magic to meet the UI requirements. The app required a slider component to determine the size of the project, a beginning and end year, size checkboxes and a country/state/city parameter. When the user performed the search, the map would pan to the appropriate coordinates (all of the records in are geocoded) and display data points of the records locations in The submission videos are pretty sweet so make sure you take a look. This was vishesh91's first submission and win!

vishesh91 -  submissions video
Place: 1
Money: $2500
Place: 2
Money: $750
Kenji776 - submission video
Place: 3
Money: $250

Vishesh91 submission video

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