Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Welcome to the Newest Member of the CloudSpokes Team!

We're excited to welcome Rob Cheng to the CloudSpokes team.  Rob will be spending most of his time on the business side of CloudSpokes -- in other words, drumming up more sponsors and contests for you!  He comes to us from Salesforce, where he evangelized the platform, but we'll let him tell the rest of the story in his own words: 
After my post last week, many of my friends and colleagues have been curious about why I would leave a great job at a great company like Salesforce.  And let me be clear: it is a fantastic place to work, and I'm confident Salesforce will continue to thrive and complete its disruption of enterprise software.
However, that disruption is already well underway, as evidenced by their 100,000 customers and $16B in market cap.  Working with CloudSpokes is an opportunity to help drive a brand new disruption -- one in enterprise development. 
At the heart of this disruption lies a contradiction: Every customer I've talked to over the past few years has been challenged by the scarcity of cloud development resources, yet we're living in a globalized, boundary-less world with hundreds of millions of job seekers who for the first time in history can not only educate themselves but contribute valued services to the world marketplace with just a browser.  You can't tell me a world in which teenagers are earning six-figure salaries developing iPhone games is one in which globally connected enterprises should struggle to find development resources. 
Fortunately, the open APIs and easily reproducible environments of public cloud platforms like, Heroku, Amazon Web Services, Cloud Foundry, and Google App Engine are enabling a new model of on-demand crowd-sourced development.  One that not only disrupts current development cost structures, but also drives innovation with a community competition and peer review model that ensures that the best solutions (and developers!) rise to the top. 
This is why joining the CloudSpokes team is so exciting; the idea of creating a brand new marketplace at the intersection of crowdsourcing and the cloud -- a marketplace that dramatically lowers the cost of entry for both providers and consumers of development, harnessing collective creativity to drive customer innovation.
Welcome Rob!  Now get to work on those contest sponsors!

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  1. Welcome Rob - I'm sure you'll play a key role in making CloudSpokes bigger & better. Good Luck!