Thursday, March 1, 2012

Design the CloudSpokes Notification Service

Help us help you! Feedback is extremely important to everyone that participates in the CloudSpoke community. We want to make it easy for members to determine how and when we interact with them. That's why we spun up our Design our Notification Service. The crowd knows best and we wanted your design input.

The challenge was to design (not build) a notification system for CloudSpokes that is flexible and extensible for future functionality. We wanted your input on what are some features that you like from other sites that should be incorporated into our notification system. We were looking for an ER diagram and documentation on how you would write a notification system for CloudSpokes if you were delivering it to a client.

Romin's submission came out with the best, most flexible design approach with a clear vision on functionality. Congrats to all that submitted some great ideas!

Place: 1
Money: $250
Place: 2
Money: $100
Place: 3
Money: $50

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