Friday, March 2, 2012

Salesforce Permission Sets Management Tool, Part Deux

The Winter ‘12 release introduced Permission Sets as a new way to manage security. Each user continues to have a Profile, but Permission Sets can now be given to individual users to extend their permissions beyond what is described in their Profile. One of the current limitations is that there is no way to easily manage assignments of Permission Sets for more than one user at a time.

Last month we ran the first part of this challenge with some really good results. We wanted to build on this functionality so we added some new requirements and launched Salesforce Permission Sets Management Tool, Part Deux.

The tool is designed for Admins and the important part the results is the UI and it's ability to easily maintain permission sets. Take a look at the two submission videos as they clearly achieve these goals. Congrats guys!

logontokartik - submission video
Place: 1
Money: $750
rubixtious - submission video
Place: 2
Money: $400

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