Monday, March 19, 2012

Updates: March Madness - QuickQuizzes

A few days ago we were proud to announce CloudSpokes' latest adventure - QuickQuizzes! Since then we've had plenty of participants, lots of fantastic suggestions, and even more questions. We've also pushed a few recent updates, and we wanted to address all of the above in an overdue blog post. First things first though, we're thrilled at all the participation we've had so far and it seems QuickQuizzes are a hit - so thank you for participating and helping us shape this new project (and keep the suggestions coming)!

How QuickQuizzes work:
To prevent Javascript hacks, all of the time keeping for each question is done on the server. The timer that you see is for display purposes only. When the user starts the quiz, redis fetches 10 random questions from the pool of questions by chosen type. When each question is initially served up to you, the ID of the question is posted to the queue.  The queue then writes that record to the database. Once you answer a question, your code is sent to the queue again which does the comparison to determine if it is correct. The queue then updates the record in the database with your answer. The difference between the record's created datetime and the updated datetime is calculated in milliseconds. Once all 10 questions are answered we roll up the total time and number correct for your quiz.

More questions are being added all the time. You may see a number of questions that look alike however we have many that are slight variations of each other. We are adding more and more questions every day.

Where are the leaderboards, and where are the winners announced?
The daily, weekly and all time leaderboards are updated in real time however, daily winners are updated manually for now (we'll eventually automate this on a nightly basis). We are spot checking for "cheaters" and we welcome any input you have to help us out. You can see each day's winners on the winners page

Do you want to see how you or other members did on a particular day?
You can use a URL like this one to see someone has done in the past. Just modify the URL with the member name and date you want to view.

How do you claim your prize?
As always, the first place to stop is the "How do I get paid?" section on our FAQ page. There's also a calendar that display payment dates on the FAQ as well.

More to come!
We have tons of ideas and features in the works.... and possibly some new languages. If you have any ideas, suggestions or concerns, please send them to

Good luck, and happy coding (and quizzing)!


  1. I think i'm not the only one interested in this question: it's 20th tomorrow, a day of payment. Will any $ be sent to winners of past days tomorrow?

    1. Good question - prizes are coming out today (3/20)!

    2. Clarification - paypal and check are paid today NOT wire.