Thursday, April 5, 2012

CloudSpokes Chrome Extension is Here!

Have you heard?!? It's the best news ever!

The CloudSpokes extension is now available in the Google Chrome Web Store! Yes, we here at CloudSpokes are pretty excited too, and we think that this is some of the best news we've heard all week! Even better than the appearance by Ron Burgundy on Conan and his surprise announcement of the Anchorman sequel!

But before you go screaming it from the rooftops, or get out of your seat and jump in the street like the Action 4 News team, lets break this incredible news down and take a closer look at what this means for all you CloudSpokers out there.  

This handy little extension will provide access to open challenges, recently completed challenges, current leaderboard status, member & challenge search functionality as well as payment owed information.  The extension can be found and installed here. Check out this screen shot for an idea of its visual layout.

We know we aren't perfect, and that there might be some bugs or enhancements needed. Therefore once you have added the CloudSpokes extension, we invite you to fork the repo, make your changes and send us a pull request. We will be offering special CloudSpokes badges to those CSers who make the coolest and most useful tweaks. The code is available here for you to make your hacks! There's also a list of enhancements to get you started.

So get out there and start enjoying this awesome new CloudSpokes toy, and best of luck to you all in making it even cooler!

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