Saturday, April 14, 2012

Create Salesforce Content From Attachments Winners!

Here at CloudSpokes we wanted to create an easy way for users to move existing attachments to Salesforce content, so the "let's make it a challenge lightbulb" flashed on and just like, that this challenge was created!

The task for this challenge was to create a Visualforce page and Apex controller that is accessed from a "Move Attachments to Content" button on a standard page layout. The page had to display all of the attachments for the referring record and display checkboxes for all attachment plus "Select All" functionality. The SFDC user would then be able to select the Library for the attachments and click submit, adding the attachments to Content for the specified Library.

We had many great submissions for this challenge, with the three winners scoring 100, 98 and 97 respectively, but ultimately Corycowgill does the discount double check and takes home the title belt for this challenge. Check out the three winners video submissions below, and as always, congrats to all of those CloudSpokers who participated!

Corycowgill - Video
Place: 1
Money: $500
avidev9 - Video
Place: 2
Money: $200
logontokartik - Video 1 & Video 2
Place: 3
Money: $100

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