Thursday, April 26, 2012

Random Records with Ruby and Redis Winners

We we started thinking up our Quick Quizzes competition a couple of months ago and determined that we needed a way to randomly select questions for a participant and serve them up as JSON.

Since we use Redis for a number of features at CloudSpokes we thought this would be a perfect use for it. So we spun up for Random Records with Ruby and Redis challenge and had three awesome submissions. Building this component was perfect for a CloudSpokes challenge. We simply wanted to store records in Redis and then randomly fetch x records from our Rails site as JSON and pipe them into another service.

Take a peek at the video and demo apps that our CloudSpokers submitted. Some pretty slick stuff! Congrats!

trineo - video & demo application
Place: 1
Money: $500
darthdeus - demo application
Place: 2
Money: $250
mbleigh - video
Place: 2
Money: $250

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