Sunday, April 1, 2012

Taking a Break from March Madness...Quick Quizzes Will Be Back Soon!

The competition has been exciting, with the final outcome sometimes determined in the final seconds of play...of course, we're talking about the CloudSpokes QuickQuizzes but we hear there were some other competitions that were pretty exciting too.

We've been thrilled with the great interest and participation in QuickQuizzes so far, and we really appreciate all the feedback on the format, the interface, and the questions themselves.  In order to incorporate all of your feedback and implement some needed improvements, QuickQuizzes will be going on a break for the next couple of weeks.  But don't worry, all other challenges will continue as normal and QuickQuizzes will be back and better than ever on April 18th*.  The $1,000 in daily QuickQuiz prizes will also resume at that time, and continue through at least the end of April.

Thanks again for all your participation, and if you have any questions or additional suggestions about QuickQuizzes you can contact us here.

* Yes, this is also the day after Tax Day in the U.S., so all you American CloudSpokers can try to make back some of the money you just sent to Uncle Sam!

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