Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Weighted Round Robin Assignment Engine - Winners

Imagine this situation, if you will: A fictional company is preparing a new promotional event that it expects to generate a significant number of new leads. In parallel, they are planning to roll out a new weighted round robin program to ensure that their top producers receive the most leads by number, but also that leads are fairly distributed to the rest of the team.

To do this, the Sales Manager assigns each team member a weighting factor. They kick-off the promotional event and their top producers are happy! Halfway through the event, one member of the team steps up his/her contribution. As a result, the Sales Manager increases the weighting factor for that individual.

This challenge sought to define the assignment engine that would allow this process. The engine would determine a way to assign new leads and opportunities to those sales members. All while still distributing leads fairly to the rest of the sales team.

After many great submissions, peakpado takes the cake on this challenge with eszulc coming in hot and snagging second place. Make sure to check out peakpado's first place submission video below! As always, congrats to all of those who submitted!

1st place

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