Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Dynamic Shadow Copy Winners!

For organizations using a mix of both salesforce.com CRM and salesforce.com platform licenses, certain standard objects like opportunity are not viewable to platform license users. A common solution that complies with the license agreement is to create a custom object(s) to mirror the data.

The goal for this challenge was to build a highly reusable Apex Class and trigger(s) to dynamically “shadow copy” a standard object record & all related object’s child records (Master-Detail) to a set of “shadow” objects.

This challenge had a lot of great submissions, but we think logontokartik might have gone over to the dark side to get the advantage on this one, scoring an incredible 98 with his submission! Make sure to check out his videos below, and thanks to all who participated!
Place: 1
Money: $2500

Place: 2
Money: $1000

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