Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Easy, Breezy Account Lead Conversion Winners!

Wouldn't it be fantastic if you had an "easy" button that did all of your tedious work for you while you just sit back and enjoy listening to "Call Me Maybe" on repeat all day? Well unfortunately for us all, that fantasy isn't likely to become a reality, but converting multiple, similar leads in salesforce at once... has become a reality!

Before all you CloudSpokers out there stepped in, users could only convert leads one at a time, and it was a very primitive process. But now, thanks to this challenge, they can convert multiple, similar leads (associated to the same account) all at once! Pretty awesome right? We certainly think so! Now with all the time they'll save, SFDC users can get a few extra YouTube videos in each day!

But before you get any ideas about spending the rest of your day roaming YouTube, for the newest viral video, make sure to check out the video submissions for our winners, and give a shout out to Engelbert for winning this challenge and taking home a quick $1500 bucks!

Place: 1
Money: $1500

Place: 2
Money: $500

Place: 3
Money: $250

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