Friday, May 25, 2012

Glue 2012 is a wrap!

Gluecon finished up yesterday and Rob, Kyle and myself were in attendance. If you are a developer who is passionate about mobile, APIs, Big Data or the cloud in general then Gluecon is definitely the conference for you to attend.

Not only were there great start-ups showing off their wares and fantastically entertaining and thought-provoking talks, but the people you meet are incredible! Where else could you go and have dinner with Adrian Cockcroft (Netflix) and Pat Patterson (

Last year I missed some of the talks and vowed not to make that mistake again. There were some great talks by Ray O’Brien (NASA CTO), Bart Lorang (FullContact),  Chris Hoff (Juniper Networks), James Governor (Redmonk), Max Schireson (10gen) and many othere. There was even a 4 hour workshop by Adrian Cockcroft on "Constructing Cloud Architecture the Netflix Way". However, if actual code was more of your style, Cloud Foundry had a hands-on workshop where they built a Rails app using MongoDB and redis. Very cool stuff all around.

Even though CloudSpokes is expanding rapidly, it still surprised me that we actually ran into a number of CloudSpoke members at the various sessions and the hackathon. I even got the chance to have dinner with one of our favorite CloudSpokers, peakpado, who lives in the area.

I presented on Amazon DynamoDB, so if NoSQL databases and Mexican wrestling are right up your alley, then take a peek at my slides below. It's a good intro to the basics of NoSQL.

Make sure you attend Gluecon or Eric Norlin's other equally exciting conference, Defrag, next year! You won't be disappointed. He, and his wife, do a #superfrickinawesome job!

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