Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Mobile Tidal Wave Approaches

We have a long and continuous wave of mobile challenges in the pipeline, kicked off with our recently closed jQuery Mobile Sliding Container challenge. The goal of which was to to produce a reusable, flexible HTML 5 sidebar panel component using Visualforce, jQuery and jQuery Mobile.

The next one hot in the queue is the Mobile Opportunity Tracker challenge: to build HTML5 app that allows an Account Executive/VP of Sales to easily view open opportunities on their iPhone and iPad.

If you were looking for the opportunity to build your mobile chops, practice a new skill, or get in on some of the larger prizes - now is the time. We're planning on keeping a steady stream of mobile on the open challenges page for the next few months, with jQuery, iOS, Android, and HTML5 goodness to spare. Don't worry if you miss one, we've got plenty coming.

The summer of mobile is upon us - just stay tuned to for the latest mobile challenges.

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