Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Universal Picklist Winners!

User-added picklist fields are a great way to provide users with a set of possible values that they can choose from.  However, for administrators and developers they are somewhat frustrating to work with sometimes. If you have a large number of recordtypes and/or values, it is easy to come down with a case of carpal tunnel syndrome while adding, updating and deleting values. Even though this idea has been tossed around already, the implementation is planned for over a year out, and quite frankly...we are impatient, and we think CloudSpokers can do it better in the first place. Turns out we were right!

Our Universal Picklists for challenge was unique in that it only had 2 submitters, and both provided awesome results! After going through all of the submissions, it was clear, peakpado truly is... the Master of the Universal Picklists, with sgurumurthy honorably claiming the role of Deputy Master.

You can check out peakpado's live demo app here, (you just need to log in with any email and password). Also, make sure to give a looksy at both submission videos courtesy of peakpado and sgurumurthy which can be found below!

Place: 1
Money: $1500

Place: 2
Money: $500

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