Friday, June 8, 2012

Agile Crowd Development in the Cloud Rolls On

We kicked off our first "Rolling Thunder" challenge Tuesday as a test of crowdsourced, agile development in the cloud. The results from this first sprint are in, we've selected a winner and we just kicked off the second sprint, Mobile CloudSpokes Site II (Wireframes) based upon the winner's submission.

We announced the winner of our Mobile CloudSpokes Site (Design) challenge today with the high level design and Talesforce was the clear winner. By winner, I mean he crushed it. It's clear from his submission that the lack of a mobile friendly CloudSpokes site is a major pain point in his life and we apologize. Take a look at his videos (parts 1 and 2) and his high level design document for our new mobile CloudSpokes site. We are adopting his jQuery Mobile approach using Node.js and heroku. We think it's #awesome!

This second sprint, Mobile CloudSpokes Site II (Wireframes), uses Talesforce's design doc to iterate on the actual wireframes for each screen for the application. We intend to start another sprint on Monday to build out more assets based upon the detailed wireframes produced by this challenge.

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  1. Excellent document by talesforce. Simple love the way, he has used the existing screenshots and highlighted the current issues.