Wednesday, June 13, 2012

CloudSpokes surpasses $500,000 prize money in record time #crowdsourcing #cloud development

Looked at an interesting report today that showed the payments to CloudSpokes contest winners over time.  According to the graph, it took 297 days after launch to pass the $250,000 mark in total prize winnings.  The CloudSpokes community has now surpassed half a million dollars in winnings just 187 days later -- a 58% increase in the rate of earnings! (validating my rusty math is left as an exercise for the reader).  This is great validation of how rapidly enterprises are adopting crowdsourcing, and a testament to the skill and innovation that CloudSpokes community members bring to bear every day solving real-world development problems for businesses.  Congratulations to the #1 crowd-in-the-cloud and onward to $1,000,000!

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