Thursday, June 14, 2012

"On the Go" Mobile Opportunity Products Winners

Salespeople are always on the go and have little time. They need to get work done "right now" and not later on in the day when they can log into We needed to create a fast, slick and effective way for salespeople to add products to an Opportunity at the point of sale while on their iPad, or other mobile device. So instead of getting our spare lumber and duct tape out to  fashion together a wild contraption, we came up with this challenge!

The app we were looking for was very simple. It needed to display a list of their Opportunities and then allow them to add/edit/delete Opportunity Products. Luckily we had a couple really great submissions that above and beyond what we were looking for! In this case cloudchallenger "nailed it" with with their submission and avidev9 came in a close 2nd. Make sure to look over their demo videos below, and check out our series of Rolling Thunder Challenges to help build a mobile CloudSpokes site!

Place: 1
Money: $1250

Place: 2
Money: $750

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