Tuesday, June 5, 2012

"Rolling Thunder" Challenges

We were brainstorming during a Google Hangout the other day on how to run agile development in the cloud. For instance, we want to build a mobile-friendly version of the cloudspokes.com site through a series of challenges. How do you do that in an agile manner with the crowd?

So we can up with an idea for what we call "rolling thunder" challenges. (We thought of coining the term "clagile" for agile cloud development but it sounds too much like "kludgy".) We are going to break the process of building our mobile-friendly site into a series of 2 day challenges. When a challenge ends, we'll pick the winning submission and launch the next challenge within 24 hours using the code from the previous challenge.

This should be a fun and exciting way to get a large number of people involved in the process at different points. We'll see how it turns out as we launch our first "rolling thunder" challenge today!

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