Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Rolling Thunder Round 5 Winners!

Round 5 is officially in the books!

The Rolling Thunder series is moving along with great pace, and is producing some killer results. In Round 3 we had you build the mobile homepage, and in Round 4 you used the same theme and design to build out the "Challenges" section of the mobile site. Well to continue on with that train, we then asked you to build the "Members" section for Round 5.

The common thing with these challenges so far had been numerous amazing submissions, and Round 5 was definitely right on queue! We even ended up paying out an extra winner! The winners for this round, PaulKolbovich, JustinLau, talesforce and forcexperts were some familiar faces for the series, having all submitted on at least 1 previous round!

Make sure to check out the video breakdown of Jeff running through each submission and giving his 2 cents on the demos. As always, keep an eye out for the next Rolling Thunder challenge, the next winner could be you!

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