Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Rolling Thunder Round 6 Winners!

Here at CloudSpokes the Rolling Thunder challenges just keep rolling along. In fact, it seems like just yesterday we were talking about Round 5 being completed! And just like that...Round 6 too, is now in the books!

Continuing on with the theme and design from round 2, rounds 3, 4 & 5 were completed in great style! Having at least 4 submissions on each challenge, and a wide variety of winners, Round 6, which was to build out the "Challenge Details Page", was no different. There were even so many good submissions, we had to pay out the top 5, with a log jam at 2nd place.

In the end however, forcexperts proved to have the tiger blood with his submission #Winning the gold. Not close behind (actually all with a tie score) were JustinLau, talesforce and alfongj. Rounding out the winners and coming 3rd for this round was prashanthreddy.

As usual, we had our in house expert Jeff Douglas run through all of the demo's and break them down in a video, which you should definitely check out below! Also, head over to the challenges page and get your game on with our Quick Quizzes, which are running now until July 15th and have $1,000 in daily prizes!

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