Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Twitter "Doghouse App" Winners!

You know that one friend that blows up your twitter feed with stuff you just don't care about? The person who is always at some concert or game, and is live tweeting the entire thing like anyone who isn't there could not possibly know what is going on without you tweeting every second?

Well here at CloudSpokes we know exactly what that is like and have even been guilty of doing so ourselves! So we wanted to come up with a cool way to end the madness, but not just by unfollowing your friends because, after all, while they do spam you, you know they are the best at finding those amazing YouTube videos that you couldn't live with out seeing!

So what is the solution...? this challenge! Create a "doghouse" app in ruby that allows users to authenticate via twitter or Facebook, then send friends to "my doghouse" which temporarily unfollows them, and then re-follows them after a desired period of time. That way, just put those people in the "doghouse" for however long you want, and enjoy scrolling through your news feed with no speed-bumps!

There ended up being 2 really awesome submissions, which both featured a great user interface and some super cool features! After running through the submissions and the demo apps (and putting each other in our own "doghouses"), it was  pretty clear that dubroe had the 1st place app and tomaisthorpe came in a close 2nd. Check out their video submissions below and go demo the app here, so next time your buddy tweets about how excited he is for this new episode of "Storage Wars", put him in the doghouse for a quick 30 minutes and enjoy some social media silence!

Place: 1
Money: $1000

Place: 2
Money: $500

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  1. Hi! Are there any plans to make this a real world app?