Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Announcing "First Time Submitter" Challenges

A little while back, we got an interesting tweet from one of our long-time followers, Carlos Villalpando:

The chat in question was with between Carlos and one of our most active and consistent members, Kenji776, right around the time we launched CloudSpokes:

Now, a little over a year later, Dan is on the top of our leaderboard and is a fantastic contributor to the community. But there was a time when CloudSpokes was new, and Dan was new, and at first glance the hurdle of jumping right into our main developer challenges might have been a barrier to him ever joining and participating in CloudSpokes. So we owe a dept of gratitude to Carlos, and we have since been looking for a way to help ease new members into the CloudSpokes process.

As part of an initiative to address this, we launched our first First Time Submitter Challenge. You can find it here.

These challenges will be for all new users who have not yet submitted for a CloudSpokes challenge. These challenges will run for a longer time period (about a month) and we will release one every month. As well, the criteria for these challenges will be much looser and more "hackathon-styled", allowing new members to play with and experiment with new cloud technologies.

If you have a friend interested in getting started on CloudSpokes, this is the place to send them! As we scale CloudSpokes, more participants means we can have more challenges, and have more people winning more often. If you have any feedback on how we can improve this new concept, please let us know in the comments. Welcome and good luck new CloudSpokers!

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