Monday, July 30, 2012 become famous!

When people ask what CloudSpokes is about, the short answer we always give is that it's where you can go "to compete with code in the cloud and win cash".  But based on the recent experience of CloudSpokes member dubroe, maybe we should add "...and become famous!" to that tagline.  You see, last month dubroe won this CloudSpokes challenge (his first!).  And of course he won the $1,000 top prize.  But that wasn't the end of it.    You see, dubroe's Twitter Doghouse app was so cool that people started using it, and talking about it, and eventually writing articles about it in publications like Mashable and International Business Times (EDIT: and now the Wall Street Journal!).  And if getting his name in the "paper" wasn't enough, Twitter has exploded with thousands of tweets about his app in just the past 24 hours!

So congratulations to dubroe for his awesome app and his vast, yet almost certainly fleeting internet fame.  But fear not, even if the fickle users in twitterland soon move on to the next kitten-fueled meme there's always another CloudSpokes challenge around the corner.  And who knows?  Your next submission might just be the one to catapult you to worldwide fame and fortune!

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