Thursday, July 12, 2012

DocuSign Killed the Paperwork Star!

CloudSpokes is all about working with fun and useful new technologies, which is why it's so frustrating to have to ask winners to print and scan tax forms to us so we could process payments. I mean, what is this, 1979?*

Luckily we’ve been working with DocuSign to build their shiny new REST API and we were one of their first partners to use it in production. We spent a couple of weeks working with Vlad Cretu, DocuSign’s Developer Advocate, to solve this nagging problem with a slick little node.js application hosted on heroku (what else would you use?) using that allows a member to sign their tax form online and update our org all from the comfort of their browser.

Well, we're happy to report CloudSpokes members will never have to deal with time-wasting paperwork again!  Now you can select and sign the appropriate tax forms in the cloud, from the comfort of your own browser!

Check out the video below to hear our own Jeff Douglas explain how to sign and submit your tax forms with paper-free bliss.  If you have any questions, problems, ideas, or just want to heap praise on Jeff, please visit our new support page.

* If you don't get the reference or the photo, you owe it to yourself to check out this music video.

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  1. There's no input boxes in the line 10 of the W-8BEN form. Why?