Thursday, July 12, 2012

Gettin Jiggy with Community Support

Managing a top-notch developer community isn’t all badges and prize money, as much as we wish it was! Just like an app, sometimes we have bugs. And the best way to handle bugs is to flush them out and get them fixed as soon as possible in a scalable manner. For example, the other day I emailed Jeff and asked him who would win in a fight between John McClane from Die Hard or Martin Riggs from Lethal Weapon. (which is clearly McClane, but that’s another story for another day) and his answer was, “Paypal payments are on the 10th and 20th of each month. For more information see the CloudSpokes FAQ page located here”.

I took a little bit of offense to this as I felt he wasn’t really contemplating my legitimate question. Well thankfully, that will no longer be an issue, as we have finally nailed down a support process that we are pretty excited about. Not only will it make things much more organized, manageable and intimate, it will also support the true CloudSpokes theme of “Community”.

In our new support community, powered by GetSatisfaction, the community will be self-sufficient and self-operating, with the opportunity to ask and answer each other, as well as post ideas, get feedback and even just get general updates. The new CloudSpokes support community will not only replace our current FAQ’s section, but will also be the home to all future CloudSpokes related inquiries. All without having to wait for that message from Jeff Douglas to appear in your inbox. The new “Help” page will be community driven and eventually replace all emails sent to There will even be itemized support products such as “FAQ’s”, “Payments”, and “Challenges” for you to easily find the answer you are looking for or ask a new one that isn’t there yet.

You may have even already noticed the change in our top right nav, or the support widget we’ve rolled out, but should this be the first you are hearing of them, give the new site layout a quick once over. Also make sure to snoop around the community support page and start flooding it with questions, answers to existing ones, and ideas. You can even access our new method of support via our Facebook page, under the support tab. One of our members, PaulKolbovich already stumbled across our new support page and posted a great idea, which we now have in our July Sprint Cycle and should be releasing next month. Curious about what it is...check it out here.

Scaling our support management, and making this investment will benefit those of us behind the scenes at CloudSpokes and the community as a whole. If you have any more questions, comments or ideas, head over to the community help page and give us a shout! We look forward to seeing this grow, generating answers and ideas with involvement from CloudSpokers across the globe, bringing the community just a little bit closer together.

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  1. Martin Riggs was an elite forces bad ass, I love John, but he was not in the same league. Only Jet Li could whup Riggs.