Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Code Your Way To Dreamforce - International Winner

Hot on the heels of our Code Your Way To Dreamforce - US Winner announcement yesterday - we have our International winner all wrapped up.

This was a tight race from the start, with ngabrani, avidev9, and cloudchallenger all making a run for the ticket. While we still have one last challenge left to finalize for the ultimate final score, we've received word that avidev9 cannot make it to Dreamforce - meaning that ngabrani is our International winner!

(the *almost* final leaderboard - tight as tight gets):

Naveen entered the most challenges of all, and took the competition by storm. Another huge congratulations from the CloudSpokes team on an equally amazing effort! Here's a list of the challenges he won or placed in to give him the necessary points to sweep the International ticket:

  • Chatter Sweeper: place 1, points 500
  • Chatter Files Related List Component: place 1, points 500
  • HTML5 Embedded Tab for Salesforce Mobile Lite: place 2, points 300
  • Build a App with eSignature REST API & Get a Job at Docusign*: place 2, points 300
  • Visualforce CSV Uploader Component: place 2, points 300
  • Implement Custom Tagging Interface: place 2, points 300
  • Mobile Event Attendance: place 3, points 200
  • Mobile Customer Data Vault: place 3, points 200
  • The Right Content at the Right Time: place 3, points 200
  • Convert Apex REST Service to JSON: place 4, points 150
  • Mobile Chatter Polls: place 3, points 200
  • Salesforce Data Dumper Tweaks: place 3, points 200
  • First In First Out Case Assignment: place 3, points 200
  • More Trigger Love for Asset's: place 3, points 200

The performances by logontokartikngabrani, and avidev9 all deserve recognition. So while we're making sure Kartik and Naveen come and experience all there is to see at Dreamforce 2012, we're going to be sending Avinava $550 directly from the CloudSpokes team, to help him fund a fix/replacement for his current broken laptop and cover the wire transfer costs - it's the least we could do for his incredible performance.

Congrats to all our competitors, and stay tuned for our next "Code Your Way" competition in the near future!

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