Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Code Your Way To Dreamforce - US Winner

We can't wait any longer.

While the international race is still underway and undetermined, even down to the final eligible challenge, we feel obligated to confirm what many already know... logontokartik has crushed the US competition and is our first winner for our Code Your Way To Dreamforce competition!! It's a feat of epic proportions, in an extremely tight and tough race.

To give you some idea of what Kartik really accomplished, here's a list of the challenges he won or placed in to give him the necessary points to sweep the US ticket:

  • Approval Rules Manager Application: place 1, points 500
  • Fair Wait-list System on Force.com Redux: place 1, points 500
  • Convert Apex REST Service to JSON: place 1, points 500
  • Build a Force.com App with eSignature REST API & Get a Job at Docusign*: place 1, points 500
  • Implement Custom Tagging Interface: place 1, points 500
  • The Right Content at the Right Time: place 1, points 500
  • Chatter Sweeper: place 2, points 300
  • Asana Toolkit for Salesforce: place 3, points 200
  • First In First Out Case Assignment: place 3, points 200
  • More Trigger Love for Asset's: place 4, points 150

This is a massive accomplishment. Huge congratulations from the entire CloudSpokes team for an amazing effort! Once we have the international ticket determined, we'll post the entire final leaderboard as part of that announcement on the blog tomorrow!


  1. Congratulations Kartik!! This is an amazing performance.

  2. Awesome work Kartik. Really proud of you dude as always.
    I am sure you are onto conquering greater heights.