Thursday, August 16, 2012

First Time Submitter Challenge - July Winners!

Last month we launched our inaugural First Time Submitter Challenge, and it was unlike anything we had ever done before. While most CloudSpokes challenges contain very detailed directions, clear and concise goals, and a very specific end result, the First Time Submitter challenge does not.

This series of challenges, will continue to be outside the norm, allowing only those members who have never submitted on a challenge before to be eligible. An array of challenges where you the developer, have full creative control over what you want to build with very simple instructions. For July, those instructions were to use Javascript or JQuery, and upload a demo video. Easy enough, right?

However, while the instructions may have seemed plain or elementary, the results were far from simple. With such awesome apps submitted, grading the submissions was not only fun, but very difficult. Each submission had it's own selling point, and was clearly a candidate to win it all.

There was one submission however, that just stood a little bit taller than the rest of the competition, and really exceeded our expectations. That submission came at the hands of franklovecchio, who built app-mq. App-mq is a basic, open source version of Heroku using matt, a lightweight publish/subscribe messaging transport protocol. It runs on top of an EC2 instance using github as the repo host. The most amazing part... the framework is all written in coffeescript using node.js and redis! Pretty slick right?Make sure to give his video a look and see for yourself how cool it really is!

Congrats to franklovecchio for winning the inaugural challenge, and as always, congrats to the rest of the winners, and keep an eye out for August's results as well!

Place: 1
Money: $750

Place: 2
Money: $250

Place: 3
Money: $100

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