Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Video – Salesforce.com Primer for New Developers

I actually shot this video about a month ago to help out new CloudSpokes members that don’t have a Force.com background. It’s useful to anyone that needs a quick overview on the Force.com platform so that they can start developing quickly.

Some of the topics it covers includes:
  • Setting up a new Developer Org
  • Tools, docs, etc. at developer.force.com
  • Overview of the Setup section including, session tokens, personal setup, classes, visualforce pages, profiles, field level security, etc
  • Setting up Remote Access to get OAuth tokens
  • Overview of Standard objects and sample data
  • Creating Custom objects and managing records
  • Overview of the Workbench
  • Using the Workbench to query records with SOQL with a brief overview of relationships

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