Monday, November 19, 2012

Box is Back

Box is back, and better than ever.

We're kicking up the Box category on CloudSpokes and starting things off with three concurrent challenges live right now on our challenges page:

Sample App & Doc for Box and SendGrid - $1,000
Create an instructional walkthrough that shows people how to create a basic app that uses the Box and SendGrid APIs. For this challenge, you must create both the app described, as well as a guide to how to create it. Most of the judgement will be about how good the guide is, so be sure it's easy to understand. Additional resources like screenshots or demo videos will earn extra points. The audience for this will be people who have experience programming but are unfamiliar with one or both of the APIs, so write accordingly.

SharePoint Web Part for Box Embed - $1,250
Box wants to enable users to embed a Box webpart into their SharePoint sites. Users should be allowed to select a Box folder, whose contents will be displayed in the webpart using Box embed.

Box Weekly Sweepstakes (Week #1) - $100
Complete this quick 2-minute challenge to earn your Boxer badge, which will enter you into the weekly sweepstakes and also make you eligible for $25,000 worth of challenges!

Come get your Box on!

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