Tuesday, November 27, 2012

First2Finish Challenges, Whirlyball and Frisbee Golf?

Everyone here at CloudSpokes loves to compete. It can be anything.... frisbee golf, dodgeball, co-ed rec softball (watch out for injuries there!!) or competitive water skiing. I mean we love to compete. Heck, at our last offsite meeting we all tried to kill each other playing Whirlyball.

You CloudSpokers love to compete as well. For each challenge there's a deadline that everyone is shooting for. Unfortunately, some people are busy working on other challenges and are not able to compete on everything they'd like to.

Recently we implemented a "First2Finish" challenge type. These may be small or relatively straight forward challenges that we just want to get done without judging a ton of submissions. I mean how many submissions can you wade through that read from a CSV and insert records into a database. Not a lot of room for creativity there.

Another reason we love this type of challenges is that members typically ask if they can have small extension (we still grant them) or we don't receive a submission for a challenge. Now when a coding challenge reaches the end date and there are no submissions, it automatically switches to a First2Finish challenge and the end date gets pushed out by two weeks. The first person to submit a passing entry wins!

Here's how the First2Finish challenges work in detail. We will judge the submissions in the order in which we receive them. If the first submission passes review, the participant will be declared the winner. If the submission does not pass review, we will judge the next person's code and so on, until we either declare a winning submission or exhaust all submissions. You can submit as many time as you'd like, but you go back to the bottom of the queue each time. We will post a message to the discussion board each time a member submits and show the number of submissions on the challenge. Feel free to submit even if other members have submitted before you as their submissions may not pass. We will only pay first place prize money for First2Finish.

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