Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Help re-design your community

It’s time for a fresh new look at CloudSpokes. We’re expanding and growing and need a new home that reflects our objectives as a community and application development platform. We’re also a little done with the “corkboard” theme. It’s served us well but it feels like it doesn’t fully reflect what this community has accomplished - we’re more than a bulletin board.

We’re putting this out as a challenge because that’s what we do. We need a new CloudSpokes.com, and we want to see what this community can come up with. Keep in mind, this is the same community that re-built CloudSpokes itself from the ground up. Designing the new website is a natural extension of that work for a community that knows the site better than any other.

To be honest, this re-design is a huge undertaking, so we’ll be bringing in as much help as we can get. The end result will not be the work of one individual, but in true CloudSpokes fashion, the work of a community of experts for the best result. We’ll be putting challenges out on sites that specialize in this type of work, but want to include this community as well because these are the people who intimately understand how CloudSpokes works. We expect that the end result will be a collaborative project that blows the doors off other sites.

To get started, find all the specifications on the challenge,

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