Monday, November 5, 2012

Mobile Salesforce Productivity App - $2,750

In about two weeks, we will be scoring one of the smarter challenges we've posted, with one of the bigger price tags. We recently posted this challenge as a way to re-think the current UI architecture of with productivity on a mobile being the topmost priority. provides terrific functionality to help users be more productive in Sales, Marketing, Customer Service and Collaboration.  This standard functionality is supported by customizations that typically help make the system very effective in meeting an organization's needs.

There are several mobile apps that support - including basic Mobille for working with objects as well as Dashboards for quick and easy Ipad review of your dashboards.  The Chatter app mirrors's standard functionality in a Facebook-like approach. They also have "Touch" coming that should enhance the user experience further.

We'd like to see if there are alternate ideas for to supercharging productivity with a mobile device and also providing an even more unique and engaging user experience.  So, here's the challenge: write a mobile app or HTML front end that makes a user - sales, services, marketing or whoever - more productive in doing a task or set of tasks with a mobile device.  Faster, easier, more fun, whatever spin you want to put on it. We want to see you get creative, not just technical.

We expect the final result of this challenge to get *a ton* of exposure and views. Show us what you've got.

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