Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Rebuild our CloudSpokes Site in Rails Winners!

We recently launched a challenge to graphically redesign our site, and in conjunction we brought you this challenge to start building a new rails application using our super shiny brand new API! (which is still in beta, but that's another story for another day). This was the first, of many more challenges to come, in building our new site, and we were sure happy with the results!

We asked you to create the rails application, and get it running with the latest versions of the gems we use, and also add in Devise and Refinery. Pretty simple but still super fun right?

Well parasquid and aproxacs definitely thought so! They both scored perfect 100's on the scorecard, splitting the winnings down the middle, and making some some awesome apps. Check out parasquid's demo video below as well as his sample app here and aproxacs' sample app here!

Also, keep an eye out for the site redesign, and more challenges with our awesome new API!
Place: 1
Money: $500
Place: 2
Money: $500

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