Thursday, December 27, 2012

CloudSpokes Partners With Daffodil International University!

We like being the leader in crowdsourced cloud development, but to maintain a bold status requires rapid growth, dedication to remaining the best and a commitment to finding new ways to evolve. We're not just talking about adding contests that require working with new technologies, or introducing functional challenges that are different from our historical focus. We believe that these changes make the community great, but at CloudSpokes, our number one priority is our members. We know that it's impossible to thrive without them.

During the past week you may have seen our member count jump quite a bit. Today, we're happy to announce that CloudSpokes has officially reached a sponsorship with Daffodil International University in Bangladesh! A partnership that not only has grown the CloudSpokes community by more than 10,000 new members, but also marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter in CloudSpokes history.

This new chapter comes on the heels of what we hope is a mass movement towards getting involved in higher education across the globe. During the partnership process, we've come to understand that this generation of students is unlike any other that we have seen before. They have attributed their advanced skills to the accessibility of technology from a young age and we're looking forward to watching them compete in challenges alongside our current CloudSpokers.

DIU students wearing CloudSpokes t-shirts
We have an opportunity with DIU to bridge the gap between young developers, designers and the professional world, by offering them a platform to learn the newest technologies and benchmark their skills. It is also an exciting day for existing CloudSpokers everywhere, who will now not only have a new class of competitors, but also a young generation to mentor and teach!

Also, DIU recently hosted the International Collegiate Programming Competition, on December 8, at their university in Bangladesh. For more information about the event, keep an eye on our blog in the near future for a featured guest blog by our very own Das Nobel, who helped facilitate the partnership and played a crucial role for CloudSpokes at the live event.

Banner outside the expo hall showcasing CloudSpokes as a partner

If you are interested in getting CloudSpokes involved in a partnership with your University, please reach out to me ( to get started. There will be extra benefits and rewards for those who set up partnerships! 

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