Monday, December 3, 2012

Opportunity Heat Map Winners!

One of the best things about CloudSpokes, is the amazing pool of talent in the community, and their relentless dedication to innovation and perfection! Ever since CloudSpokes started, the high level of competition from our challenges has created submissions of outstanding quality, proving time and time again, the power of the community.

Just two weeks ago, we launched this challenge, of hefty requirements and a short turn around time. Despite Thanksgiving Day falling smack dab in the middle, the submissions we received, blew us away!

The challenge was to create a heat map that would graphically represent "White Space" for a given Master Account, all while creatively showing where we have opportunities of various types for a particular master account by region and by business unit.

The first place submission for this challenge, came to us via soe, who completely shattered the expectations and annihilated the requirements, going far above and beyond what was asked in the short period of time. However, this wasn't just a one pony show either! Logontokartik and Manish_Kumar both had excellent submissions as well, rounding out the winners and making this a challenge for the ages!

Make sure to check out the first and second place demo videos below to see with your own eyes the awesomeness of the submissions, and you'll see why we are so excited about this one! Hopefully it fires you up as much as it did us! So what are you waiting for? Go get involved, and the next story could be yours!
Place: 1
Money: $1500
Place: 2
Money: $750
Place: 3
Money: $100

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