Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Salesforce Duty Calendar Winners!

Is there anything worse than trying to schedule on call shifts for a group of people? There is always someone who writes down the wrong info, and messes the whole thing up. Well not anymore, thanks to this challenge!

What we asked you to do was create a custom Visual Force page that displays a calendar, and allows users of the system to sign up for the on call shifts by day. That way everyone can sign up for a day, see who else signs up, and not worry about getting information mixed up ever again. Super awesome right?

Per usual this challenge garnered a lot of interest, and of course some really slick results. Soe came in first place with another great submission, which seems to happen every time he submits! Wrapping up the rest of the winners for this challenge were cloud110989 coming in second, and saransh coming in third.

Both soe and cloud110989 also included some really good demo videos with their submissions which are below, and are definitely worth a look! As always, congrats to all who participated!
Place: 1
Money: $750
Place: 2
Money: $200
Place: 3
Money: $50

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