Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Unzip Files to Git Winners!

Sometimes here at CloudSpokes, the coolest challenges often create the most useful apps, that we end up using in our day to day jobs! This challenge was no different!

The task was to write an application in Java, that downloads a .zip file form S3, unzips the content, and pushes the file to a Git repo! A super cool, fun challenge that will boost our youtube cat video watching time productivity 10 fold!

This challenge is actually so useful as a productivity tool, that it is basically even writing this blog for me! Well, actually wcheung is just such a rockstar that he not only won this challenge with his killer code, but also with a super detailed write up, explaining his app, Octavius3! The following snippet from his writeup explains why Octavius3 is so #superfrickinawesome!
"MultiSourceCommitService supports both username/password and OAuth credentials for GitHub, lets you configure what gets committed and how, and accesses GitHub via the open-source GitHub Java API from eclipse.org. The Octavius3 UI is backed by a Play Application controller which does the OAuth dance with GitHub and uses an IOUtils class and the MultiSourceCommitService to then download a source zip and commit its unzipped contents to GitHub as a new repo. The app downloads to a temp file and unzips to a temp folder, cleaning up when it's done committing. The app can be deployed to either Heroku or Cloud Foundry since both support Play and a system temp dir."
There were also some great submissions from  danielszak, jeffh and Enreeco who rounded out the winners circle, making some slick apps with great functionality! Check out the demo video for "Octavius3" below, as well as videos for 2nd and 3rd place, to see the awesomeness that this challenge created!
Place: 1
Money: $500

danielszak - Demo Video
Place: 2
Money: $250
jeffh - Demo Video
Place: 3
Money: $100
Enreeco - Video Part 1 | Video Part 2
Place: 3
Money: $100

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