Friday, January 25, 2013

CloudSpokes, A Heroku Case Study

If you missed the latest Heroku newsletter, then you likely missed the most recent partner spotlight:

That's right - CloudSpokes was the featured case study. Most importantly, the feature was largely around the work performed by the CloudSpokes community in migrating our old platform over to and Heroku. To read up on the phenomenal amount of work performed by the CloudSpokes members to build the new CloudSpokes framework, check out our blog announcement on the new platform.

Last but not least, definitely check out the full Heroku Case Study on CloudSpokes. As a teaser, here are some of the noteworthy quotes from our very own Jeff Douglas:
  • "We need a true platform-as-a-service. We need a platform that facilitates daily deployments and that can respond to an agile development process without DBA and a team of developers", says Douglas. "Our 70,000 community members want features and expect a quick turnaround on our development cycles, just as we expect the same from them on our CloudSpokes development challenges. We quickly realized that we needed Heroku."
  • "One of the reasons we went with Heroku was the time we could get code out," says Douglas. "For example, early on we received feedback from one of our top members that our commenting process was difficult enough to negatively affect participation. We added this to our sprint planning and since it was an easy fix we had the process updated within days. This is a small example, but it's key to the health of our community to be able to respond in real-time to requests and bugs like these. Heroku gives us exactly the response time we require." [For reference, here was PaulKolbovich's excellent idea that we implemented].

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