Monday, January 28, 2013

#DifferentSpokes - With Guest Host Andy Piper from Cloud Foundry!

Hey CloudSpokers! Don't forget that this Wednesday, January 30th at 8am PST is our second #DifferentSpokes.

We will be going through the normal routine again, but also have some very special surprises for you, including our Special Guest Host, Andy Piper of VMware who is joining us to answer all your questions, talk about their recent Node.js blog, and all things Cloud Foundry! It is sure to be a good time, so make sure to tune in. Got questions now?... send em in before the show by tweeting using the hashtag #DifferentSpokes. We will be monitoring the stream and promise to answer all questions posted before the show airs, so it pays to be early!

A quick rundown of the agenda is as follows:
  • Intro
  • Guest Host: Andy Piper from VMware joins us to answer questions and bring some proper english to the hangout table
  • Bowemans Book Club - Kyle runs through "The Node Beginner Book
  • Dr. Douglas Demos - Jeff prescribes a heavy dose of Node.js and Ruby
  • McIlroy's Open Mic - Cory shares his thought of the day
  • Shoot The Spokes - Q&A
  • Wrap Up
For more info on our special guest, Andy Piper, follow him on Twitter


  1. So bummed I have to miss this. I even read the book we were gonna talk about. Alas, I'll be on a flight to NY :(

  2. Hey guys, looking forward to this! I'm sure I can bend my English to support your er... unique needs ;-)