Tuesday, January 15, 2013

January CloudSpokes Platform Update

Last week we had our first #DifferentSpokes Member's Hangout and I talked about some of the recent and upcoming changes were are making to CloudSpokes. If you weren't able to attend, here's a recap of some of the new and upcoming features for the site.

Community Judging
We kicked off Community Judging in early December where members can judge challenges in which they do not participate. Members that have won at least three challenges can sign up to judge available challenges and be compensated per submission judged. The program is going well and we plan on implementing a certification process in order to judge certain types of challenges.

Referral Program
Late last month we announced our referral program where you can win some serious cash for referring your friends to CloudSpokes! When you refer someone you get 10% of all their winnings in their first year as a member! Now, you can win money, even if you don't win the challenge! So if a friend wins $1000 in a coding challenge, we'll give you an additional $100. Each member has their own unique referral URL plus we have a handy-dandy form for sending out invites for you. You can also track your referred members and see how well they are doing.

Private Messages
Late last year we ran a number of challenges to design and build a "notification service" that allows members to configure the notifications that they receive from CloudSpokes. We recently rolled out the first iteration of this service that allows members to send private messages to one another. Stay tuned as we'll be adding a preferences UI and more notifications.

New CloudSpokes.com Website
A new Cloudspokes.com website is in the works and should be done within a couple of months! We've launched a number of challenges to build out a new Rails site with our new API and the graphics team is working on the front end. We'll have a new scoring engine, a new dynamic requirements and scoring process, a much improved submission interface and even automated testing of submitted code. Plan on seeing more blogs post shortly about the new site.

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