Monday, January 28, 2013

Learn to Write Single Page Web Applications by Competing for Ca$h!

Over the past six months or so single page applications have started to really gain traction. According to TechCrunch, enterprise apps are moving to this single page design. A testiment to this trend is the sheer number of frameworks available including Backbone, Batman, CanJS, Ember, Meteor, Knockout, and Spine.  Google recently threw their hat in the ring with 1.0 release of Angular.js last summer.

We've been a fan of Backbone.js for awhile and have run a number of challenges to build some really cool stuff (see the Backbone.js Kiva loan organizer challenge). Right now we are really excited about Angular.js and Meteor. Anything JavaScript related is extremely popular on CloudSpokes. Our First Time Submitter Challenge for January for Meteor currently has 16 registered members.

So if you are new to single page applications or want to dig a little deeper than a simple "hello world", we want to give you an extra incentive to get your hands dirty writing these type of app. So we've launched two challenges tailored with these goals in mind:

Learn Angular.js or Backbone.js -  A front-end only challenge so that you can focus on the framework without having to worry about persistence.

Build a Simple API with Node.js, Ruby or Java - Complete the round-trip with this challenge and build the API for your application using one of your favorite technologies. We suggest Node.js if you want to stay in JavaScript-land.

So not only do you have a use case for your app but we are offering some prize money for your efforts as well. You have no excuses now. Enjoy and go learn something new.

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