Thursday, February 14, 2013

Thank you (again) for the brand new CloudSpokes

Back in early November, we kicked off a process to re-design We’ve had the corkboard theme for two years now, and we’ve been overdue for an overhaul. As mentioned last fall:
It’s time for a fresh new look at CloudSpokes. We’re expanding and growing and need a new home that reflects our objectives as a community and application development platform. We’re also a little done with the “corkboard” theme. It’s served us well but it feels like it doesn’t fully reflect what this community has accomplished - we’re more than a bulletin board.
What started as a design challenge three months ago is now complete, right in time for the two-year anniversary of the initial launch of CloudSpokes! Today we’re proud to announce the new - as you’ll see, the UI has received a complete makeover, though the core functionality is largely the same. There will definitely be some bumps and bugs as you begin using the new site. Be patient as we work to iron out all the wrinkles, and definitely let us know if you catch anything acting up.

Note that this isn’t the first time that this community has rebuilt CloudSpokes (and it probably won’t be the last). Here are some stats on this round of design, prototyping, wireframing, and developing of the brand new CloudSpokes:
  • 25 challenges run
  • 44 unique participants, across
  • 12 different countries

The new site is geared towards addressing an audience that has really started to gain traction in 2013 - challenge sponsors. More and more teams are looking to see how a community of 70,000+ cloud experts can help them innovate in their businesses. Cultivating these challenge sponsors and CloudSpokes partners allows us to scale the amount and types of challenges we run, enabling growth and health in the community. We expect a ton of new and exciting work to come through in 2013 - so stay tuned - and thank you!


  1. Welcome the new look. A few comments:
    1. Would be great to have a compact view of the challenges as well. Currently the space taken is more and it takes more time to go through the challenges - new and existing.
    2. The feature of not having to enter captcha for a challenge's registered users posting comments has disappeared. We need it back.
    3. Chrome CS toolbelt has stopped working.

  2. Shashidhar - thank you so much for the feedback. We're adding these to the list of future fixes/enhancements.

  3. This is another testimony to how CloudSpokes is a disruptive phenomenon in crowdsourced development. I just can't imagine a site of such magnitude being built in quick time and with this level of sophistication anywhere else. It's immensely satisfying to realize that I've contributed my bit in building the revamped CloudSpokes website. Thank you for providing this opportunity!