Friday, March 8, 2013

CloudSpokes March Roadmap

March has kicked off and we've finished up our Sprint planning for the next quarter so we wanted to share with you some new features that we plan on implementing this month.

New WordPress Blog - With the redesign of our site we've decided to switch over to WordPress for a number of reasons. Not only will it have the same look and feel of our site but now we'll have much more control of the publishing process. We are in the process of moving over posts and comments now and should have the new blog up shortly.

New Submission Process - One of the features that didn't make the cut-over to the new site was our improved submission process. This new UI has a drag 'n drop interface for uploading files, in-browser video recording with, easier administration of uploaded assets and more ways for you to tell us about your submission and why it's so awesome.

Advanced Challenge Search - When our new site launched we weren't happy with the advanced search UI and functionality so we went back to the drawing board. Our new redis-backed search is fast and packed with criteria to make finding challenges a breeze.

Challenge Prediction API - Devising a "good" challenge is more black magic than science. Our goal is to structure the requirements, timeline and prize money to receive roughly 2-3 submissions per challenge. We don't want a large number of submissions and have participants with quality applications not take home any prize money. We'd love to pay everyone but we're not made of money ya know! So in January we ran a challenge to use the Google Prediction API to make the probability of getting quality submissions well... more predictable. This should help us help you by producing better challenges.

Challenge Admin UI - One of the things we've wanted to do for some time is to provide a way for members and sponsors to launch and/or edit challenges. We've ran a number of challenges to build the UI and API but it's been tough as our internal processes are always growing and changing. The only constant here at CloudSpokes is change... and lots of it. This is a big goal of ours for this month.

Community Ombudsman - You should be hearing more about this program shortly but in a nutshell it's a way for community members to have a voice and insight into our internal processes.

So there you go... the March CloudSpokes Roadmap. A lot of fun new stuff and even more in April!

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