Wednesday, March 13, 2013

#DifferentSpokes "Google Talk" Recap

Let me guess - you missed today's episode of #DifferentSpokes because some lame excuse like, being at work, or trying desperately to get your Google IO ticket. Well by now you know the procedure and where to find the recorded video. What you didn't know is that today's episode was the first episode with a hidden gem. And no, I'm not talking about how many times Kyle changed his hat!

At one point during today's episode, our special guest Matt Pruden told us his very unique idea for a CloudSpokes challenge. Well, we are turning that idea into a reality, but there is a catch. Only those who tuned in live, or watch the recording will know what the challenge is, and they will get a 48 hour head start. All others who don't watch the episode will see or hear about it for the first time on Friday when we launch it on the site, opening it up for all other members to begin participating.
Q: So, there's $1500 up for grabs on a secret challenge that only those who watch the episode will know about for the next 48 hours?
A: Yup!
Q: What if there are questions about the challenge?
A: Send questions about the challenge to with the subject line #DifferentSpokes Challenge Questions and your questions will be answered.
Q: Awesome?
Huge thanks to Matt and Nick for joining our panel today. Our next episode will be on Wednesday, April 3rd at 8am PST with special guest host Kevin O'Hara. A Google+ event will be created as well as a reminder. We will also get back to Bowermans Book Club for that show and will be discussing Hands on Node.JS by Manuel Kiessling so be prepared to ask the panel questions about the book using Twitter hashtag #DifferentSpokes. We will of course also be back live next Friday, March 22nd at 12:30pm PST with our PhoneGap Live demo.

Check out today's show below and get that head start on our awesome new Google App Engine secret challenge. See you next time.

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