Monday, March 25, 2013

Guest Blog: One Week - 3 Challenges, 3 Wins by @makifcakar

Just a couple of weeks ago we saw a tweet on our feed from a CloudSpokes member that caught our attention (click and you'll see why). MAkif is a new name we recognized from the community but didn't have a lot of interaction with yet. We reached out to see if he would be interested in doing a guest blog for us to give us his perspective on his great week of CloudSpoking:

Guest Blog: One Week - 3 Challenges, 3 Wins

Hi everyone, it’s Mehmet Akif CAKAR, aka MAkif  from Turkey. I've been working as a software architect for eight years now. Outside of work, I study for my PhD thesis which is about big data analysis and partition optimization. My primary development experience is on the .Net platform due to local market demand. During my career, I’ve been part of lots of software projects, and developed many web & windows services, desktop & mobile applications, Sharepoint portals, Biztalk integration projects etc. Many of them received rewards from various authorities and mobile vendors. In short, I define myself as a technology seeker. Playing with new technologies and products takes a bit of time from my daily life but has great benefits. As an example, you can see my apps published in nearly all mobile platforms such as Android, Bada, BlackBerry, iOS, Symbian, Ubuntu, Tizen, webOS, Windows Phone etc. Also I’m interested in developing tiny apps by using VR devices.

Luckily I became a CloudSpokes member about a year ago. Many of you, may not recognize my name since I can’t regularly participate in challenges as much as I'd like to. When I do get some free time and see a challenge that offers something new to learn, I definitely join it. I’ve won many hitherto challenges that I join. But that doesn’t always mean that I necessarily won cash rewards. Some experiences taken from prominent members like wcheung, or talesforce are worth much more than the offered cash prize. As a unique crowdsourcing platform, CloudSpokes provides many benefits for me. Like:

  • It keeps me updated with new technologies: Not only by joining challenges but also by following the CloudSpokes Blog and #DifferentSpokes recaps, I can get information about emerging technologies. It’s very important for me because I don’t want to be jailed in .Net world.
  • Being paid while learning: I agree with Paul Nattrass on his blog post. Being paid to learn is an effective title to explain this benefit. (Normally we need to spend cash to learn something new)
  • Improving solution quality: In my opinion, all submissions contain their own strengths whether or not they win any of the prizes. Being able to take a look at all of the submissions after the announcement of judging results, helps me in improving solution quality moving forward.

One of the things that I like about CloudSpokes is the continuous renewal of all its aspects. Day by day you can see new features and new concepts. With the help of these innovations CS will reach the 100k member milestone before we know it. Also, I want to call attention to Ombudsman program, because I truly believe in importance of a role between the community and the CS team. I'm excited to see who from the community will be the first one.

To sum up everything I've mentioned above,  I’m just really happy to be a member of this great community. I would  definitely recommend joining CloudSpokes for all developers whether you are a student or a professional. All of you may find many new benefits for yourself.

Finally, I would like to give my regards and thanks to CloudSpokes team for keeping this platform up and running.

Mehmet Akif CAKAR;

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