Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Introducing the CloudSpokes Ombudsman

As previously mentioned in Jeff's March Road Map blog, CloudSpokes is introducing an Ombudsman program to help keep the community growing and moving forward. While we have been considering this idea for sometime now to determine the best role the Ombudsman can play, we aren’t taking credit for the original idea.

Rock star member logontokartik sent an email to the CloudSpokes team about the idea of an Ombudsman, and included a set of rules and a workflow of how the program should work. We were thrilled with his idea. While Kartik's vision of the program is slightly different than what we are introducing today, we would not be here without his vested care for this community.

The CloudSpokes Ombudsman:

Dictionary.com defines Ombudsman as: a commissioner who acts as independent referee between individual citizens and their government or its administration. Our Ombudsman definition will slightly vary. The CloudSpokes Ombudsman will be a liaison between the CloudSpokes team and the community, always having the communities best interest in mind and being the community voice on all CloudSpokes decisions.

The CloudSpokes Ombudsman will be an honorific role within the community and will be one of the most prestigious roles this community has to offer. With such prestigiousness comes great responsibility, and dedication. The Ombudsman will have an equal balance of responsibilities, benefits, and requirements. Those RBR's are as follows:

The Requirements:
  1. Must be nominated by the community for consideration
  2. Must have a proven history of activity in the community
  3. Will sit in on bi-weekly sprint planning meetings
  4. Will sit in on bi-weekly platform update meetings
  5. Will sit in on bi-weekly membership update meetings
The Responsibilities:
  1. Attend the meetings listed above without absence (meetings will be scheduled upon decision of Ombudsman due to time zones and availability)
    1. Record meeting minutes to be shared with the community
  2. Provide proactive communication with the community via a private forum
  3. Provide a formal review of CloudSpokes every month via the blog
  4. Maintain a positive rating as Ombudsman via the community
The Benefits:
  1. Ombudsman title and badge within the community
  2. Personally interact with the CloudSpokes team and a have voice on all CloudSpokes decisions
  3. Recognition on the community section of the site
  4. CloudSpokes timbuk2 laptop bag
  5. $3,000 USD in budget for launching cool challenges to help improve the CloudSpokes platform or site.
The CloudSpokes Ombudsman will be a six month term and will be up for election starting immediately. Ombudsman are eligible for consecutive terms as long as the community believes they are fulfilling all of their duties and are maintaining a positive ranking. Please submit all questions and comments to our dedicated Ombudsman forum page found here. For nominating peers or self interest in the Ombudsman position, send an email to tim@cloudspokes.com

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