Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Asking the Community to Give Back - Future of the Cloud Day 2013

Next Friday, April 26th we're going to try something a little different. We want to see if we can pool our talented group of CloudSpokes members, family, and friends to come together as a community and give back to our local communities in need. Our goals are simple. If we can rally 10 members from 10 different countries across the world to participate that would be amazing, and would be the start of something really special.

Though the spirit of giving back and charity is reward in enough itself, we do want to add a little more encouragement to the pot to get folks motivated to participate. We'll be giving away:
  • $50 to a philanthropy of your choice, to the first 10 participants who submit pictures of their volunteer work
  • A CloudSpokes t-shirt to all who participate and submit a photo
Need ideas? Perhaps consider volunteering at a local school or community center that could use an extra helping hand. Another option is to tap into your technical skills to help a non-profit with some website updates. The opportunities are endless. Join this unique challenge to participate and submit images, and contact me if you have any questions.

Thank you.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Shashi! We can't wait to see what great things the community will come up with to volunteer their time. What do you have in mind for your FOTC Day activity?